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About Ubqari

Ubqari institute is a world-renowned organisation founded by the Islamic Spiritual Scholar Hazrat Hakeem Muhammad Tariq Mahmood Chughtai otherwise known as ‘Sheikh-ul-Wazaif’.

Our Mission is to provide humanitarian and spiritual services world-wide, regardless of religion, creed, or nationality.

Our organization is head-quartered in Lahore, Pakistan and is popularly known as ‘Tasbeeh Khanna’ the Centre for Health, Peace, and Spirituality and visited by thousands of people each week from both within Pakistan and internationally.

Our Mission

A single drop of water in fire of Hate & Evil:

“According to a parable, when Prophet Abraham (A.S) was cast into a fire by the tyrant king Nimrod, the spectacle was met with horror by a small bird. It spread its wings and soared to a nearby river, where it filled its beak with water. The bird carried these meagre drops to where the fire was lit before going back for more. The water it fetched was of course, not enough to quell the raging flames.

An arrogant crow mocked the bird’s scurrying efforts and haughtily told him: ‘How can you hope to douse the fire with such little water. Surely you realise that there is nothing you can do?’

The bird remained unperturbed and calmly replied: ‘When I meet with God, He will not ask me whether I was able to put out the fire, He will only inquire whether I did my part to see that it was extinguished”

Ubqari has made a commitment to extinguish the destructive fire of hate and evil around the world. Its mission is to fill it with love, peace, and tranquillity for all of humanity. 

Its efforts are no greater than that of the bird, yet it share’s a similar spirit.  

For the sake of the Creator, the magnificent Allah (Subhan O Wa Talah) Ubqari shall try our best to extinguish the fire.

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